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03 December 2013 @ 07:52 pm
[Fic] The One in Which… Yunho Serenades Jaejoong  
Title: The One in Which… Yunho Serenades Jaejoong
Pairing: Yunjae
Summary: Jaejoong. Life. And social media.

He slunk back further into his seat, feeling a little boredom kick in as he absentmindedly toyed with his phone in his right hand. The incessant chatter all around him was making him feel childishly lonely. Pushing his thick black-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose, he checked his phone’s notifications for the umpteenth time. 9.32pm. No new messages. He sulked and crossed his arms over his toned chest with a huff. Spotting someone staring at him with recognition, he sank lower into his seat with his head bent low, pulling up the collar of his jacket higher and pretending to be busy with his phone.

“Go.” was all Junsu and Yoochun had told him before shoving a ticket to a concert and a plane ticket to Haneda and unceremoniously dropping him off at the airport with an overnight duffel they had packed. An early Christmas present, they called it. The two younger men refused to explain anything else in the car ride to the airport but instead complained non-stop about how extremely frustrating and difficult it was to get their hands on said precious concert ticket and ohmygawd how do the fans go through this every single time? Servers and slow internet connections be damned.

So here he was, alone in Japan in the cold winter where he had no internet connection to amuse himself with while waiting for the artistes to change their costumes. He was so going kill to Yoosu when he got back. They could have at least got him a SIM card with a data plan damnit. He rubbed his thumb up and down the blank screen in annoyance, willing the eyes on him to look away.

The lights around him dimmed and a chorus of thrilled cheers rang out from all corners of the stadium. He felt the pair of eyes leave him at last and he let out a relieved sigh. Enveloped in the glowing red ocean shining bright in the darkness, he felt a sense of familiarity and security. A feeling of comfort, of encouragement, of strength, that he was so used to receiving. This breathtaking red glow of support was what he was used to like the air he breathed.

What he was not used to, however, was watching the two figures make their way from the main stage to the T-shaped runway in the centre of the moshpit where two bar stools stood prepared. A spotlight followed them as they crossed the massive stage with long legs and quick strides.

Watching them, he felt something tug at his heart, sinking it to the bottom of his stomach. There was pride and happiness of course. His heart swelled proudly when he saw what they have achieved despite all the odds against them. Yet the happiness came laced with a deep regret. The concert was already halfway through but he still could not get used to watching them from afar as part of the audience, as a spectator.

He was supposed to be there, beside them, as a fellow member.

“Hello,” Yunho greeted cheerily, sounding a little breathless. Cheers and calls of his name answered the leader. Across the stage, the bright voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

“Sorry for the delay; there was a last minute change of plans.” The tall man had his free hand braced on one hip, mouth still open in thought and microphone waiting before it. He surveyed the crowd with a slight tilt in his head and a gentle sway of his lean body. Changmin busied himself with tuning the acoustic guitar he carried with him onto the stage and adjusting the mic perched in front of it.

“I know you guys are expecting me to perform my solo dance number, but I really wanted to do something else today.” More cheers rang out and Yunho waited for them to subside before continuing. “Changmin is here to help me today. We’ve probably rehearsed this only once; and this boy here,” he clapped Changmin affectionately on the shoulder, “is pretty shy on his guitar; so please give us all your support, okay?” Yunho licked dry lips, looking nervous, and Changmin actually found the humility to chuckle sheepishly as more cheers and applause broke out. Leaning over to get into the reception range of the mic in Yunho’s hand, the younger man added “and this man here isn’t good at English, so please pardon his errors, alright?” Yunho playfully shoved the magnae back into his seat in retaliation and the audience laughed along with them.

Seated in the shadows directly facing the stage, his hand flew over his mouth to stifle laughter, careful not to let himself be heard. It was sweet, watching the camaraderie between his two dear brothers, yet it made him feel painfully alone and left out at the same time.

Yunho wiped sweat of his brow and spoke into the mic again, mouth open as he took his time to pause and find the right words. “The next song… I’d like to dedicate it to… a dear… friend of mine; of ours.” His eyes darted around the red ocean, nervous, unsure. “I don’t know if he’s here today, but I really hope that one day my words will be able to reach him.”

A small nod to Changmin and the younger man started plucking the opening chords of the song. Across them, he felt his body stiffen, unable to sway along to the music as he did to the ballads the duo performed earlier. He knew this tune. Yoochun had let him listen to it, and he had liked it and searched for the lyrics and the translation on the internet. He knew what the lyrics were about. Yunho knew that he knew what the song meant.

A swell slowly rose up his throat as he watched the soft spotlight highlight Yunho’s strong features and sharp jaw. Seeing Yunho dressed in a simple black button-down and easy jeans, he could not help but feel that this was not a U-Know Yunho performance. No, this was Jung Yunho singing his heart out. This was his Yunho singing to… (hopefully) him. And when the rich baritone began to sing, he felt something within him break.

That summer in high school when we first met
On the streets of Seoul, we became unlikely friends
And from that day onwards
I thanked God I found you

Used to smuggle liquor and sneak to the roof
Talk about our futures like we had a clue
Never dreamt that one day
I’d be losing you

In another life, I would be your boy
We keep all our promises, be us against the world
In another life, I would make you stay
So I don’t have to face the fact
That I let you walk away

I was the father and you were my Boo
Never one without the other, we made a pact
Whenever I miss you
I put our old records on

I see you got yourself some new tattoos
Reflecting your life now, of which I have no clue
I can’t help but wonder
Was I ever your muse?

But in another life, I would be your boy
We keep all our promises, be us against the world
In another life, I would make you stay
So I don’t have to face the fact
That I let you walk away

All this money can’t buy me a time machine
Can’t replace you with anything
I should’ve told you what you meant to me
Cause now I pay the price…

Yunho’s eyes were closed, lost in a memory, and Changmin’s guitar was silent. The whole stadium was deathly still. Only when Yunho continued did he release the breath he never knew he was holding.

But in another life, I’d still be your boy

A muffled sob choked him as the meaning of that one line sank into his heart and wave after wave of memories washed over him. He had heard him. That one note that Yunho’s voice nearly broke on from being consumed by all his reminiscences had reached him. Yunho’s thoughts, regrets, pain, nostalgia, longing… have all reached him.

We keep all our promises, be us against the world
In another life, I would make you stay
So I don’t have to face the fact
That I let you walk away

My one… my one…

The last note ended and Yunho finished with a wave of his hand and a small smile and bright eyes. “To my other half – Jaejoongie.”

The light on them turned off promptly, plunging the stage into complete darkness. Stunned silence reigned for a short moment before hysterical screams and excited chatter took over.

Jaejoong took no notice of the commotion erupting all around him. In his ears, only Yunho’s last words were ringing. He bent over in his seat and shuddered, feeling goosebumps break all over his skin. He was smiling, yet his vision was blurry and his cheeks were damp. An unknown warmth spread through his body, blossoming fiercely like a rose in spring. He felt his breath quicken as his heart thumped blissfully in his chest. Fishing out his phone, he ran shaky fingers across the screen.

Silly Bear, you’ll always be my Yun~


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A/N: The One That Got Away original lyrics by Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, and Max Martin.

UGH I AM SO TIRED. Been sleeping at 4.30am for the past week and I'm supposed to be on holidays, damnit. I have an early flight to Nepal tomorrow morning but I just wanted to post something before I disappear. I MISS WRITING SO MUCH.

Sorry if the lyrics sound awkward!!! (>.<) I love the song and I mean no offense to the songwriters. There's a good reason why I'm still stuck behind my computer and not making millions writing songs. *hides* This is so embarrassing...

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donuddonud on December 3rd, 2013 03:12 pm (UTC)
oh god too good to be true....
れい☆: yunjae!hugmb_lucified on December 3rd, 2013 03:30 pm (UTC)
Hehehe I hope not! Thank you for reading and commenting! ^^
snow_meowsnow_meow on December 3rd, 2013 04:03 pm (UTC)
If only it would happen.
れい☆: yunjae!secretsmb_lucified on December 3rd, 2013 04:09 pm (UTC)
IKR! Thank you for reading and commenting!
JaeRinjaerin17 on December 3rd, 2013 05:21 pm (UTC)
Damn, this made me cry... fudge fudge fudge!!! (ㅠ_ㅠ)
Yuustandbymy5gods on December 3rd, 2013 06:38 pm (UTC)
i really wish it was true D:
this was so cute :3
bheluvdbskbheluvdbsk on December 3rd, 2013 11:06 pm (UTC)
i wish this is real *sob*
TARDISKEEPERtardiskeeper on December 6th, 2013 09:02 am (UTC)
At those last words surely the fandom would plunge into unstoppable chatter and giggles. Maybe that's just me. But still it was a sweet gesture that reached both their hearts.
Thank you!
れい☆: yunjae!secretsmb_lucified on December 15th, 2013 05:42 am (UTC)
Lol we can probably imagine the chaos fandom would descend into if this really took place hehehe!

Thank you for reading and commenting! Ans sorry for the randomly late reply; I just got back from Nepal ^^;;
vagariouskidscountingcr0ws on December 11th, 2013 05:46 pm (UTC)
omg, omg. i loved the start. i think it's either
1. i've read too much fanfic
2. i'm bullshitting, but hahhaa. it's like from the start i was like man can this person write, hahhaa. like it's like at some point you can feel like oh man, this person is good at this whole writing gig, and i got that from you, and hahah. your list of tags, hahaa. it was really good, lol. i loved the start, hhaa.
れい☆: yunjae!secretsmb_lucified on December 15th, 2013 05:39 am (UTC)
Hahaha my list of tags...? O_o I'm glad you liked the beginning! It was fun to write hehehe. ^^;;

Thanks for reading and commenting!
vagariouskidscountingcr0ws on December 18th, 2013 03:51 pm (UTC)
noooooo. your sidebar's so looongggg! long sidebar of tags= many many works, lol.
れい☆mb_lucified on December 19th, 2013 06:49 am (UTC)
HAHAHA ohno I think you got scammed by my sidebar; most tags link back to the same one post lol.

(I think you write more than me. If we just compare Yunjae fics. Siriusly. hehehe ^^;;)
vagariouskidscountingcr0ws on December 20th, 2013 07:33 pm (UTC)
hahahha, omg. BLACK. nah. i bet you're talking yourself down, lol. /flicks wrist againnn. hee.
れい☆: yunjae!hugmb_lucified on December 22nd, 2013 10:04 am (UTC)
vagariouskidscountingcr0ws on February 23rd, 2014 03:27 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha! I'm clearing my inbox, and haha. I don't know!!! I think I was just super off center then, gosh. And my inbox is at 675 right now! Super mega awesomeee, I swear. Haha. It was previously at 81 something. I'm proud of myself. :))) /grins.
れい☆: yunjae!secretsmb_lucified on March 10th, 2014 09:40 am (UTC)
LOL YOU. Keep going girl it'll hit the single digits soon! 8D
zain_2000zain_2000 on December 18th, 2013 02:18 pm (UTC)
Warm story
Wow such warm and fuzzy feels this fic. Hope it will come true.

れい☆: yunjae!hugmb_lucified on December 19th, 2013 06:49 am (UTC)
Re: Warm story
I hope so too! Thanks for reading and commenting!